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Artist Spotlight: Teddy Zareva

How a photographer’s lens can break through the thickest of walls.

Visual art, at its most powerful, charges a static image with a fluid and turbulent flow of thought and emotion.

Photographer Teddy Zareva does just that in her work, sometimes aspirationally glamorous, often gritty and raw, and always rich in human complexity.

American Boy

Her work shows a profound understanding of the human body, made all the more impactful by her brave use of light and color.

Green Tea

Look at me like THAT

But we’re particularly taken with Teddy’s series of emotive portraits, which capture those deepest, most complex layers of how we relate to others and to ourselves.

Together Apart

Make Love Like a... Star

Free Hugs

Play You

Do You Have a Light?

Check out more of her work on deviantART, with select prints available for purchase.

Published November 13, 2008




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