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The Art of the Doodle

doodlage1It’s a well-documented fact that creative people, whatever their craft, doodle. Documented mostly on napkins, sticky notes, torn off notebook pages, and other random scraps of paper. Doodling is a silver bullet for everything from fleshing out that big idea to relieving creative boredom, an art form so underappreciated yet so necessary for keeping the cogs of the creative world turning.

One brave blog is out to claim doodling the kind of status it deserves. Doodlage is a rich and diverse tribute to the art of doodling, spanning the entire spectrum of doodlers — from the professional illustrator to the everyday cubicle slave stuck on a long call with nothing but a pen and the back of a spreadsheet.


Granted, some of the stuff featured is the brilliant work of world-class artists, but that’s okay because Doodlage, not unlike us here, seems to be in the business of indiscriminate inspiration.


Doodlage scours the web for doodly goodness, whatever medium or shape it may take — from doodles in advertising to fascinating notebook doodles (some of which remind us of a certain Thom Yorke album cover), and everything in between.

Aspiring Ad

And since this is exactly the kind of stuff to make you seem all smart and thoughtful in the otherwise cheesy and cliché-driven ordeal of holiday gift-giving, be sure to check out the Doodlage Shop on Etsy.

Doodlage is the work of creative duo RaShell and LeO, both of whom you can follow on Twitter.

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Published December 22, 2008




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