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These Are Their Stories: Art Based on Law & Order

Earlier this year, the world bid one of television’s longest-running and most revered series adieu — after 20 seasons, Law & Order came to a grand finale. From its iconic characters to the unmistakable dun-dun sound, the show has inspired a cultish following and a number of tributes that transcend the TV airwaves and cross into a variety of media.

These Are Their Stories is a series of artist interpretations of the one-line episode summaries found in the show’s DirectTV program guide. From oil on canvas to comic panels to dioramas, from the literal to the abstract to the downright bizarre, the artwork spans the entire spectrum of artistic style, genre and creative conception by a wide range of artists. (Including Brain Pickings favorite Jason Polan.)

A Band of Teens Attacks a Piano Student by Scott C.
Victim Falls Off a Subway Platform by Lisa Hanawalt.
Detective Benson’s Brother by Love Ablan

The brainchild of California artist Brandon Bird, the project has been going strong since 2002, even snagging a Webby award along the way.

Goren Takes on a Chess Master by Carly Monardo
Death of a Bully by Box Brown
Boy Scavenges for Food in the Garbage by Lacy McCune

The project reminds us of Postcards to Alphaville and while Law & Order: Artistic Intent may not be coming to a channel near you anytime soon, the concept offers a lovely example of the cross-pollination of the arts.

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Published August 2, 2010




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