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Smigly: Jazzy Tales of Misfortune

We’ve been longtime admirers of writer, director and animator Allen Mezquida‘s Smigly series — the animated tales of a lovable misfit (or, to reach into our bag of cross-cultural linguistic treats, a Shlemazl — that’s Yiddish for “unlucky person”) who, despite his smarts, somehow always manages to have his dreams crushed for your comedic benefit. It’s Droopy with getting the girl, Dilbert without the office supplies, Frasier without the pompous dialogue and laugh track.

If you pay attention, life’s a soul-crushing shit storm. Smigly pays attention.”

Mezquida, whose work has previously graced Disney, Warner Bros., Sony and Nickelodeon, happens to also be a talented saxophonist, so he scores most of the films himself.

Today, we’ve curated five of our favorite Smigly episodes – enjoy.


Smigly spins in the existential hamster wheel and we hope you aren’t. (If you are, see this.)


Timely, in light of this week’s U.S. elections, a time when economic and political fluff phrases are being tossed around like giant balls of toxic cotton candy.


So many phones, so little talking.


Somewhere between Big Brother, Uncle Sam and The Man, Smigly is on the brink of pushing daisies.


If you happen to have a bit of a social media…problem (and we should know), you’ll no doubt reluctantly relate to this one.

Published November 3, 2010




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