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Everyone Forever Now: Subcultural Storytelling

Subcultures and niche rituals are what make humanity the layered, complex and fascinating phenomenon that it is. Everyone Forever Now is “an episodic motion-based media project” documenting different facets of our collective eccentricity. The project consists of three thematic films, each exploring a different cultural practice: tanning, stoop sitting and shooting a gun.

It makes you feel like you have a place, like you belong with people. It’s almost like family. It is family.”

The project comes from production duo William Hoffman and Daniel Mercadante, better known as Everynone — the same team that a few months ago brought us Words, the wonderful conceptual short film for WNYC’s Radiolab.

I understand that component of being so focused you’re absent of thought. I own a yoga instruction company and they all think it’s a riot that the yoga teacher goes out and fires weapons but it’s definitely not a contradiction.”

What makes the project particularly fantastic are the beautiful cinematography, meticulous art direction and thoughtful audio editing that weave together mesmerizing storytelling and fascinating (sub)cultural anthropology in a way that give these communities and subcultures a palpable, deeply human soul.

Being a true beach bum, or beach person, or solar-powered, as I prefer to call it, I’m searching for… I’m searching for self.”

Published November 16, 2010




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