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PICKED: Look at What the Light Did Now

Canadian singer-songwriter Feist is easily among the most beloved independent artists of the decade, and certainly of our absolutely favorites. Now, from director Anthony Seck comes Look at What the Light Did Now — a poetic documentary tracing the journey of Feist’s most acclaimed album, The Reminder. The film offers a rare look at the close partnerships with the people Feist calls her “amplifiers.”

When you’re making records and in the odd position of people actually hearing them, suddenly something hopefully simple is getting amplified in so many different ways. This small thing can ripple out beyond recognition, so it becomes all the more important to have the amplifiers be people you trust. How do you find these people? Who are the amps?” ~ Leslie Feist

A photographer ingeniously hid her within the frame; an artist built an ambitious thread-radiating mural for the album cover; a video director conducted fireworks; a shadow puppeteer choreographed the human body in darkness and light; a pianist orchestrated the recording of the album; and many more musical and artistic collaborators left their mark

Ultimately, it’s people who are going to be creating the things that then go beyond you.” ~ Leslie Feist

The DVD features five single-shot, unedited live performances from The Reminder Tour (2007-2009), exclusive footage from a week of secret shows Feist played at the venues where she first got her break, archival footage of her and record producer, Chilly Gonzales, a collection of short films, a selection of her best-loved music videos, and a handful of priceless, uncommonly candid interviews.

More than an intimate look at one of our time’s most talented musicians, Look at What the Light Did Now embodies the very cross-pollination of disciplines and combinatorial power of creative fields that we so strongly advocate here.

Published December 14, 2010




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