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Stack, a Curated Selection of Beautiful Magazines

We’ve been longtime fans of Stack, a periodic mailing of beautiful, hard-to-find independent magazines bundled with posters, zines and various other print treasures. Originally founded in the UK, Stack launched an American edition last year and has been delivering intelligently curated creative treats since, in a fine example of what we’ve termed “controlled serendipity” — the holy grail of content discovery. It also embodies our ethos of cross-disciplinary curiosity through meticulous, thoughtful curation — a true fountain of youth for the life of the creative mind.

The best independent magazines are inspiring, beautiful, amazing — and often really hard to obtain. I started Stack America to get these remarkable magazines into the hands of people who will love them. And hopefully keep reading, and keep them alive!” ~ Andrew Losowsky

It works like this: Once you subscribe, you have no idea what you’re going to get in each mailing — you simply place your trust in the curatorial judgement of Andrew and the Stack team, then keep an excited eye on your mailbox. In the first year, they sent out 14 exceptional publications to its subscribers, ranging from stylized design and cycling culture mag Embrocation to meat culture journal Meatpaper to architectural entertainment pub Pin-Up to Southern literary compendium Oxford American, for a total value of $132 and a priceless dose of mental stimulation.

Stack also commissions and sends out exclusive, original prints created by the top editorial design teams from leading publications like Fortune, Time Out New York and Bloomberg Businessweek.

In a way, Stack is like the blind date yenta whose every match turns into a passionate love affair, helping fantastic magazines find an audience who will love them. In a troubled publishing industry, Stack may just be the last saving grace of the relationship between the reader and the print magazine, using the vibrant medley of cross-disciplinary interestingness to keep things spicy.

Stack is the perfect gift for the creative thinker in your life — or a fantastic present to yourself for the new year. Six-month subscriptions start at $44.99 and annual ones at $71.99, but the fine folks at Stack America have offered an exclusive discount for Brain Pickings readers — get it here.

Published December 21, 2010




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